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.EU registration changes and Brexit

Brexit is coming, and it brings changes to .eu domains

Due to the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union, the European Commission has made the decision to revoke existing .EU domain names, and stop selling new .EU domains, to UK residents. The official timing for everything depends on how the withdrawal proceeds. The earliest that EURid – the registry for .EU domains – will revoke existing .EU domains from UK residents is March 30, 2019. This date can change, as Brexit negotiations are currently ongoing.

More information can be found at EURid’s official notice.

Because of the European Commission’s decision, effective immediately – Universal Computing will stop selling .EU domain names to customers with a UK registrant contact.

What are my options if I use a .eu domain?

  1. If you have a valid address in the European Union that is not in the UK – we can update your domain registrant details to keep the domain valid. Please note that you must use a valid registrant contact address according to valid ICANN guidelines.
  2. If changing the address is not a valid option for you – you will need to find another domain name that is not .EU. There are many options out there for you, including .UK and .CO.UK domains. You can search for alternative domains here. When you decide on your new domain name call us on 01383 840808 opt 2. 1. We will order the domain for you and apply it to any services you have including Websites, Office 365, SSL certificates and Site Hosting you have with us.

What happens next?

It is still early in the process, however we feel that making changes now will smoothen out the migration process by allowing our customers to use both domains in parallel over the next year. We will keep you updated via the news section of our website and will be sending out more communication to our customers in the UK as this process unfolds. This article will also be updated periodically as new information comes to light during the ongoing negotiations between the United Kingdom and European Union.

If you have any questions, please not hesitate to contact us on 01383 840808.

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