Business Cloud Telephone System

Manage and route business calls for your entire workforce wherever they are via the Microsoft Cloud with a VOIP Business Phone System.

  • Staff can chat, and answer calls anywhere on any device.
  • New range of desk phones with built-in MS Teams.
  • Smart auto-attendant to guide callers to the right staff, department, or call queue.
  • No need for expensive PBX equipment, everything works on your existing network infrastructure.
  • Scale and add services as and when you need them.
  • Next-generation phone system powered by the Microsoft Cloud for reliability and seamless integration.

Phone, Videocall & Chat

Phone, Videocall and chat from anywhere, and on any device through the Teams app on desktop, mobile, web, and physical desk phones.

Integrated into MS365

Call plans and services are fully integrated into your Microsoft 365 tenant and can be scaled to your business needs.

Enterprise Security

Protect access to your phone system with Microsoft’s built-in security services. Keep your users productive with simple sign-in experiences, and intelligent security.

Existing and vanity phone numbers

We can provide phone numbers for any location in the UK. Use and manage multiple numbers to give the impression of a local business in any area of the UK that you service. We can also port (transfer) your existing phone numbers from your current service provider or phone carrier.

Simplified Calling Experience

Make one-on-one or group calls directly from a chat or use the dial pad to call a phone number. Redirect calls to another number and never miss a call, or set up a call group so your team can step in. Transfer a call to another person or consult with them before transferring the call.

Your Landline, On any Device

Experience instant, high-quality audio, and video communication everywhere you work with seamless transitions across devices. Make and receive calls from any devices, including Computers (Windows & Mac), Smartphones via the Teams App, office desk phones, and intuitive screens.

Modern IP Business Phone System

Easily route callers to the appropriate person or department in your organisation with an Auto Attendant and Call Queue. Transfer calls between devices and users, Park calls to place them on hold and even get an email transcription of your voicemails.

Choose from the latest handsets

Example phone map

Here is a typical example of a business phone system.

Easily route callers to the appropriate person or department in your organization with Auto Attendant and Call Queue.

  • A user can be part of multiple groups
  • Call groups can be set to ring at once or one after another in a particular order
  • Users can be active on multiple devices at once
  • Phones can be made ‘unavailable’ when the user’s Outlook ‘Out of office’ is enabled.
  • Users can be in any location at any time

We are ready to upgrade your office phone system.

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