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Sell Online

Ecommerce is a perfect solution for any size of business to sell both products and/or services to a much a much wider audience. These days it’s very rare for those with a physical product or high street presence, to not take advantage of the many channels there are to sell online.

There are many advantages of running your own online store, not least because you’re in complete control. You decide the look and feel of your store and how your products are presented. You can update and change content at any time.

When learning how to sell online, it can be difficult to know where to start. We make the journey easy in 3 short steps.

1. Getting Started

We help you get stated with your own domain name, email and website with online store – once ready, you can begin adding your products & services for the world to buy.

2. Keeping the success going 

We help optimise your site for the best search results (commonly known as SEO) and help you communicate with your clients via blogging, social media and email. Click here to learn more about digital marketing.

3. Understanding how to improve

With the help of statistical data we can help you understand what activities, promotions or products have impact. Basically, what works for you and what doesn’t.

“Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers”

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to maintain my website2019-01-08T19:58:03+00:00

Absolutely! Your website will never be finished, it should grow and develop with your company. The most important area of maintenance is your own content. The structure of websites designed by Universal Computing allow for easy editing of your content including Pages, Products, Blogs, News, Portfolios, and Events.

Structural site maintenance is normally done by your website developer when major design changes are required. We can also manage your site, implementing core and program updates on a regular basis as part of a paid subscription package.

Do I still need Social Media?2019-01-08T20:17:44+00:00

Definitely! Social media is a powerful tool to draw potential customers to your site. Your website should work in partnership with Social Media, using them effectively together can produce spectacular results. Furthermore all of this digital traffic can be monitored and analysed in real time helping you further refine your digital strategy.

How much will this cost me?2019-01-10T11:26:33+00:00

Obviously in business costs are extremely important. Before we get to costs, you have to ask yourself, what is the value you put on 24/7 availability of your band and products, the extra trust a good website will inspire, live management reports & statistics, integration with social media, an increased audience, and your own platform to blog and communicate with customers.

Costs for the design of a website vary massively as each site is unique, however we have an online calculator which can provide a guide. You can access the calculator here.

How can I accept credit card payments?2019-01-10T11:34:41+00:00

When we build your website, we connect it to a payment gateway of your choice (i.e Paypal, Stripe, Amazon etc). Once configured, your site automatically uses the payment gateway to securely process customer card information and obtain authorisation. Once a transaction is complete, you will get a notification showing an order has been placed. Depending on the payment gateway you will received the money in your account within 4-7 days minus as small transaction fee (usually 1.75%) retained by the gateway company for their services.

What else can I do with my a website?2019-01-10T11:24:49+00:00

Apart from the obvious marketing advantages owning your own website, your website can be configured to offer products and services 24 hours a day. For example, you can use it to manage event bookings, power digital adverts, integrated Point of Sale (POS), manage client subscriptions, sell memberships, sell vouchers, email marketing, allow clients to pay invoices, and even manage your stock.

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