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Website maintenance

Every website needs maintenance to be effective. From keeping your site safe to pushing it up the rankings on search engines, we have you covered. Maintenance can be charged ‘as you go’ or as part of an annual subscription. Many of our maintenance options are already included with our hosting plans.

We backup your entire website, content and associated database. Your site can be restored with just a few clicks from your control panel. For extra security your backup data is stored away from our main data-centre. Our ‘Standard’ and ‘Secure’ hosting options include our 30-day automated daily backup service at no extra charge.

  • Your site backup is fully automated

  • We backup your site every day

  • Our backup service can be used on demand via you control panel

  • We backup any size of site

  • Fast single click restore

  • Already included with our standard (£99+VAT) and Secure (£149+VAT) plans

We are very passionate about website security, all hosting plans now have an automated malware scanner included. You can also initiate a manual scan at any time via your control panel.

If you think your site wouldn’t attract an attack, think again! Hackers are developing new ways to use your website for their own ends. These include,

  • Website defacement

  • Hidden iFrames pushing malware to your visitors

  • PHP Mailers to send malicious emails and Social Engineering Attacks

  • Redirects to hackers specified site

  • Included with all our hosting plans at no extra cost

Like most digital products, a website’s underlying technology needs upgraded on a regular basis with a series of patches and version updates.

If you’re running a WordPress website and maintaining it yourself, then you will realise just how often the various functionality plugins, themes, and the WordPress core itself needs updating. We can provide this service for you either as a one-off service or as a monthly service with no minimum term.

These updates can help protect your site from software and core security vulnerabilities. With our website maintenance plans, we check your website regularly for updates and safely apply them to your site.

Some of the maintenance services we provide include,

  • Automated or Manual WordPress core updates
  • Theme & Plugin updates

  • Website load speed enhancements
  • SEO management & updates
  • Technical maintenance

Our websites are designed from the ground up to be managed by our clients. However many clients ether don’t have the technical knowledge or time to manage content. We can make these changes for you, including site functionality, styling, content, images, blogs and products.

We can work with your system administrator and/or content providers to make sure that your site is kept up to date. As part of this service, content & keywords are manipulated for best SEO results.

  • Content updates
  • Image & slider updates
  • E-Commerce updates
  • Content creation & blog articles
  • SEO friendly & plagiarism content checking

Who’s better at managing your site content?

Our training packages will help you get the very best from your content management system. We provide full content management training for your website. Once complete, you or your staff can manage basic content including orders, bookings, products, event listings, news posts and general page content.

Get in touch and let us demonstrate how we can help your business.


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