Black Friday – Beware

Black Friday not only brings out the bargain hunters but also the cyber fraudsters. More than 17 million Britons were hit by cybercrime in 2017, and a high percentage will have been targeted over the Black Friday sales period, when the lure of a "too good to be true" [...]

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Facebook Accounts Hacked

As a company passionate about client security, we strive to keep you informed of critical security events that could impact you or your company. On September 28, 2018, Facebook confirmed almost 50 million accounts may be at risk after hackers exploited a vulnerability that allowed them to gain access to [...]

Facebook Accounts Hacked2018-10-12T09:36:54+00:00

Let us manage your internet security

Managed protection takes the headache out of security using software that monitors and manages your company’s devices reporting all anomalies directly to you and/or us. Unlike traditional Anti-Virus which relies on the user to manage the settings and react to the alerts, we centralise the control of updates, firewall rules, [...]

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Website cost calculator

We have created an easy way to cost your new website live online. As you choose your options the price automatically changes in real time. The calculator will ask you some basic questions to understand your requirements, as you make your selections the price will adjust automatically. The calculator won’t [...]

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Free WordPress migration

When you transfer your website to any of our hosted plans, we will migrate your site and configure your DNS settings FREE. If your moving to our 'Secure' plan, our experts will also setup and configure your SSL certificate. If you are using an email system supplied by your current [...]

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